Become a happier YOU at work! Take this opportunity to re-empower yourself in toxic workplaces.

Congrats! You've clearly clicked onto the huge impact your toxic workplaceis having on your life and decided to make a change...

Smart move.

You may have noticed a lot of talk by workplace leaders about the worryingly high levels of employee dis-engagement, and how technology - while hugely important - is driving some pretty horrible behaviours and communications that is hurting people's mental health, well-being, innovation and performance. Employers are very worried about productivity.

So, we put together this powerful 5 TACTICS TO A HAPPIER YOU AT WORK in the hopes that it will give you tools to re-center yourself, re-discover what makes you tick and enhance your capacity to detox the negativity from your workplace..

What's the trade-off? 

Well, to get this Guidebook you will be giving us your email...but our main goal is to build a community of workplace Game Changers who want to reach their full potential in THIS lifetime, while creating a better work environment for the future. Positive culture change takes a concerted effort, and it pays to have colleagues. 

Why listen to us?

We've done the research. I personally have a doctoral degree in Organisational Social Psychology and 25 years work experience in military, public and private sector workplaces. Who better to help you with this stuff?

and....I was a key contributor and panel member on National Safety Council of Australia’s 2016 Workplace Social Media Index in Sydney, and all because I care about re-empowering people working in toxic environments reach their full potential

Now, that's enough about me, let's get down to the reason you are here. Simply scroll down below and access the guide. 

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