I feel Dr Flis’ mentoring has made a huge difference to my life! It has opened up choices for me.
— J. Lidstone, QUT lecturer

Are you feeling stuck at work, and tired of dealing with negative or toxic behaviours?

Toxic online and offline workplaces have created highly stressful environments that can make you feel physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted and ill.

I've invested 12 years study in social science and organisational social psychology (PhD, BA SSc.) and have developed expert tactics that will help you quickly spot and safely prevent or stop toxic behaviours, regain your personal power and self-confidence. I also offer my unique insights into different work cultures and an understanding of political nous accrued from 25 years working in military, government and private organisations.

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There's no need to waste any more of your time worrying about toxic work behaviours! I give you expert strategies that safely empowers you to create your own future, and bypass the stress.

What's next?

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