My WHY...

Many people ask me, "Why in the world did you leave a public sector career to finish a PhD and start a business with no prior biz experience??"  This is  my Why.

In writing this, I still recall feeling an overwhelming chill that literally made the hairs rise up on the back on my neck. It's funny how, sometimes, it's the small things in your life that create the biggest changes in your life.

So, where to start? Well, I’d been sitting at work in front my desktop computer and heard a quiet sound behind me. Startled, I turned around and saw “Jenny” sitting on one of my office chairs. She was quietly sobbing into a tissue that was rapidly turning into a soggy mess.

Something was very wrong. Jenny was one of the sweetest people I’d met at work. She was highly creative in design and marketing as a junior staffer. While Jenny’s physical health was fragile,  she was an amazingly happy, centered and resilient person. I had a lot of time for her. So seeing Jenny in tears was deeply concerning.

I closed my office door and quietly sat next to Jenny until she composed herself. Jenny had quite a tale to share. She said, “I need your advice.”  Jenny told me she’d received a letter from her boss & HR the previous week accusing her of fraud and to prepare herself for an interview. Today, she’d been told to front a four member panel comprised of HR and senior management.

I was stunned to silence - my mind suddenly blank. Telling a junior staff member to front a 4 panel of senior management, with what sounded like no offer of any real support, was unprecedented. This sounded like Jenny was being bullied by the organisation's processes.

 “How can I help?” ...Jenny and her Mum had spent hours that weekend compiling her evidence file, and was simply seeking a bit of advice from a trusted person who understood the workplace. I learned later that Jenny passed the 'panel test' with flying colours.

Later that evening, Jenny and I were alone at our respective desks. Everyone else had gone home. Or so we thought.

At around 6pm I heard one of panel members (who had 'interviewed' Jenny earlier that day) close her office door. This was followed by footsteps.

I heard the panel member say, “Hi Jenny.” There was a murmur as Jenny responded.


The panel member then said, “You know we still love you, don’t you?” This was followed by a laugh.

Footsteps then echoed down the corridor. A door clicked closed. A lift door chimed open.

The hairs literally stood up on the back of my neck. I involuntarily flinched as goosebumps flared. I was quite literally gobsmacked at this woman’s manipulation and effrontery. The injustice and casual indifference I'd just heard overwhelmed me and I found myself frozen in place, vacantly staring at my computer screen. This panel member had been instrumental in raising the allegations against Jenny with the intention of removing her from the workforce. And now she said this...?

A thought echoed through my mind, “Enough! This sort of behaviour has to stop! NOW!”

And then I realised it - I’d finally found how I was meant to serve and help people! This was my life’s mission.

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