Cost Evidence Instrument

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CEI Cover #3.jpg

Cost Evidence Instrument


Hi there, are you a workplace leader, supervisor or HR professional who’s seeking a tool to equip you with the data showing how much money and effort is wasted in dealing with, managing, worrying about, thinking about other people’s unhealthy behaviours and attitudes at work?

This Cost Evidence Calculator, and research, equips you with, firstly, a calculator that helps you specify and determine the seen and unseen costs of unhealthy behaviours and attitude on your team, section or organisation. And secondly, provides you with cutting edge research that you can use to develop an evidence-based business case supporting your argument for the development of a positive, respectful work environment.

Let me know how you go,

Dr Felicity Lawrence

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This CEI provides you with a Cost Evidence Calculator, and the Research (with reference list) to help you develop a research/evidence-based business case that:

FIRSTLY, identifies the seen and unseen costs of unhealthy team, or organisation, behaviours and attitudes (culture),

SECONDLY, the mental/physical well-being, financial and productivity costs of continued unhealthy online-offline conduct, and

THIRDLY, provides research you can use when developing you evidence-based business case supporting the transition to a healthier, safer team and/or workplace culture.

All the best,

Dr Flis Lawrence