You can now find me HERE!

You can now find me here for updates on my eCourses and magazine articles

You can now find out about my articles and eCourses at is a a public relations and communications software site built for the digital, traditional and social media world. It identifies and contacts journalists, bloggers and freelancers around the world, monitors the news for you, and builds reports on your PR efforts.

This is weird. I was Googling one of my SHPonline articles (yep, I was being lazy) and came across a food journalist, Felicity Lawrence, on this new site I'd never heard of for journalists and bloggers called MuckRack. 

I contacted the MuckRack team and asked if their algorithm was accidentally linking my SHPonline articles about workplace mental health and bullying to this food journalist.

It was!

The algorithm has been amended (thanks guys!) and I've created a new landing page that can potentially help me share my blogs and information about my online eModules under my BESPOKE 'Reach Your Full Potential@Work' BOOTCAMP to a whole new audience.

Wow! This is the power of a seeing a mistake for a potential opportunity!

I have no idea where this new site is going to take me, but my philosophy is that you have to 'buy it to win it'


What is MuckRack? A site that aggregates Twitter and social media feeds for thousands of professional journalists.

Why do journalists and bloggers use it? Journalists often break or share vital information first through social media. Muck Rack allows you to monitor trending topics among journalists in real-time. Its aim, according to Muck Rack’s creators, is to deliver “tomorrow’s newspaper to you today”.

Launched in 2009, Muck Rack now draws content from thousands of journalists who use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sources to break news on a daily basis.

Professionals only need a valid Twitter account to apply for verification, although the process is heavily vetted to ensure certain standards are met such as relevance of tweets or posts and consistent activity.

The site also emails out a daily analysis of what journalists are saying called the Muck Rack Daily, which is pored over by its editorial team.

Dr Felicity (Flis) Lawrence has a PhD in organisational social psychology from the Faculty of Education, QUT (+BA SSc & Dip PM), with 25 years experience in private, military and government workplaces. She uses a mixed adult education, academic-evidenced approach to help people leading & working in organisations create respectful, safer work cultures by preventing bullying, fostering new insights, and diagnosing organisational problems. Email, LinkedIn or follow her blog Twitter or Facebook.