Beating Bully Behaviours: A Step-By-Step Guide To Keep You Safe

This free 1 hr mini-course gives you a step-by-step guide to beat bully behaviours & keep you safe.

The 10 powerful tactics in this 1 hr eCourse helps you to safely deal with workplace bullies WITHOUT getting victimised in the process.

Learn how to stop, control or defuse workplace bullies and their toxic behaviours PLUS get tips to recognise the little tricks bullies use to control you and make you think you are stupid, powerless or stuck in a corner.

You are NOT stupid! 

You are Not powerless! 

You are Not stuck in a corner!

  • Find out how bullies groom you to become their victim, and what they really want from you.
  • Discover why it’s critical to quickly recognise the underhanded, passive-aggressive or visible behaviours of a workplace bully.
  • Get simple steps to re-discover your personal power and stop, control or at least defuse the impact of these bullying behaviours using 10 powerful tactics.

Course Contents

7 Videos | 2 Texts | Duration - 60:45

Course Curriculum

How to recognise & control a workplace bully WITHOUT getting victimised

Dr Felicity (Flis) Lawrence has a PhD in organisational social psychology from the Faculty of Education, QUT (+BA SSc & Dip PM), with 25 years experience in private, military and government workplaces. She uses a mixed adult education, academic-evidenced approach to help people leading & working in organisations create respectful, safer work cultures by preventing bullying, fostering new insights, and diagnosing organisational problems. Email, LinkedIn or follow her blog Twitter or Facebook.